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MVSA Storm 18U Bell

18U Bell is looking for Pitchers in particular but is interested in any girl that can help the team compete and win. Please contact Coach Bell by email at Tommy Bell to set up your tryoSave ut. You can also sign up via our Tryout Registration Form

Saturday,  July 30, 2022 at 12:00pm and Tuesday, August 2, 2022 at 6:00pm

Martin P Roy Park Cinnabar Dr, Montgomery Village, MD 20886

MVSA is looking for high school girls interested  playing on fastpitch softball team. The team will focus on preparing  current high school players for the spring high school season – we will focus on improving basic softball skills such as fielding, batting, base running, pitching, and team play at an affordable cost.

Who: High School Age Girls (entering 9th -12th)

What: MVSA Storm Fastpitch Travel  Softball  (MVSA is the Montgomery Village Sports Association and sponsors local sports teams including volleyball, softball, etc.)

Where: Practices will be at fields in Montgomery Village/Gaithersburg

When: September 6 – November 6, 2022. Practice will be held two night each week Tuesday and Thursday  for approximately 2 hours; we may play 4 or 5 Tournaments. We go to Virginia Beach on November 5 and 6

How: We will focus on fastpitch softball skills:

  • Fielding to include basic fielding, infield plays, etc.
  • Batting to include use of machine pitching and live pitched balls
  • Base running techniques to include stealing, sliding, signals, and plays
  • Pitching drills for pitchers and catching drills for catchers
  • Game play and conduct for scrimmages and tournaments
  • All girls will play – this is not an ultra-competitive team

Fees: Fees will be determined by the number of tournaments. We expect the September – November 2022 fees to be around $400 per player (this allows for MVSA registration and 4 or 5 tournaments).